Pumpkin Hollow Policies

Pet Policy

Only ADA trained certified service dogs are welcome. No other animals are allowed.

Photography Policy

For photographers planning “pumpkin patch” sessions at Pumpkin Hollow, below is our pricing policy and conditions:

  1. You buy a “seasons ticket” for yourself for $25.00.  (or a one-time admission for adults at $12.00).  The season pass is for daytime admission only.
  2. You or your customers pay regular admission for themselves and their families.
  3. You pay regular admission for your family.  We start charging at 2 years old (one and under free).
  4. You don’t “monopolize” an area or photographic spot that other customers want to use also. There are thousands of photos taken here each year by families and others who have paid admission, so it’s only fair that they have access to those spots also.  This has sometimes been a problem and can’t be tolerated. 
  5. You don’t interrupt traffic flow for us or our visitors.
  6. There could be other conditions, but that is what comes to mind for now.

Just FYI, we have a zipline. I don’t know whether any of your clients would want a picture of themselves ziplining, but I thought I’d mention it.  It will be a separate charge.

Birthday Party Policy

 Birthday party policy

We charge the group rate for everyone who attends. Admission (for everyone 2 and up) that is normally $12 is $10 for birthday parties (a list of what is included can be found on the price tab).  Other activities may be added on at the rate on our price tab.   You have your own picnic table(s) for up to two hours for your gifts and cake time. We allow you to bring in your own cake and drinks (for birthday parties only) and decorations. We do require a reservation, but not a deposit. Hopefully, this answers all your questions.

Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the farm.

For more information, please visit www.pumpkinhollow.com.  To make a reservation, please call 870-598-3568.