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Larry Llama (1 of 1)

Larry the Llama



The Petting Zoo and Goat Walk continue to be among the favorites for guests of all ages each fall at Pumpkin Hollow. Cheers can frequently be heard as the goats successfully navigate steps on the barn roof to claim a prize of feed awaiting them at the very top of the barn. Kids from 2 (and under) to 92 love the experience of animals eating oats from their hands and interacting with all of them up close and personal. Again, don’t forget to get pictures at this spot!

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Boogie the Mule



Dueling goats

Baby goats (1 of 1)

Baby Goats

Feeding Fun

Feeding Fun

Goat Walk

Goat Walk




Sugar the cow and Larry the Llama


Employees bottle feeding a new baby.